A few years after their last recording, Harmonia Ensemble, the quartet composed of Orio Odori (clarinet), Damiano Puliti (cello), Alessandra Garosi (piano) and Paolo Corsi (percussion) proposes the album "D.D.E.E. - Ten Erotic Heretic Dances ”, an entirely original and fully representative production of his recent stylistic research.
Performing together since 1992, from an initial project by Giampiero Bigazzi, Harmonia has nine albums to his credit, collaborations with composers such as Gavin Bryars and Roger Eno, original re-readings of pages by Nino Rota, Frank Zappa and (together with Paolo Lotti) Jimi Hendrix , contaminations with Kocani Orkestar, and numerous concerts in Europe and America. It was in Italy one of the first reference points for music on the border between classical, jazz and popular. And, for a long time, a real laboratory for Sound Materials.
"D.D.E.E." proposes ten new compositions by Orio Odori, freely inspired by the ancient culture and the sense of freedom and independence of the Etruscans, written specifically for this group: very characteristic themes, imbued with popular moods, sensual and at the same time disruptive, and without truth A demanding work, but which expresses all the rhythmic energy and melodic strength that Odori is able to express in his compositions, as well as the great skill of the four musicians, including Odori himself, who make up the ensemble.



Messe des Pauvres
A melting potof music cultures is the main pecularity of our work, of Harmonia Ensemble. Music is many things together and “Messe des Pauvres” is one of the way to express all that. The idea is that of look over the future throught the past.
This repertoire goes into the direction of that music we call “New classic”, but the principle is manly to find the equilibre between harmony and counterpoint, so near the gregorian general expression. Bach used many different elements to compose his music: Popular and sacred, harmony, counterpoint, rithmic devices, poliphony. In this, as in our modern conception of life, there is a research of “purity”, mystic “spirituality” as well as meditation and energy. Prophan is inside the Sacred, as the spirituality goes together with the external word, and its inequality.

The Man of the Dreams - A Tribute to Federico Fellini
Harmonia Ensemble gives a tribute to the imazing italian cinema, coming back to the music proposed in their first discographic big success, the cd “Nino Rota”.
This time the show is tied up to a video/film which sign Federico Fellini’s life and works. This is suite going from images to sounds, proposed as a new soundtrack played lively.

King Kong Concerto - Rock & Jazz Chamber Music
King Kong Concerto is born on 2002, after eight years from the first Zappa work edited by Materiali Sonori, and now is another story, becouse even if some composition has remained with the same name, everything changes around, as life does.
Frank Zappa music gives always new ideas, the music baggage is enormous: Harmonia never stopped to take on it.

10 Danze Erotiche Eretiche
"D.D.E.E.” proposes ten new compositions by Orio Odori, inspired to the ancient sense etruschian culture. “D.D.E.E.” are written for this group in porpuse. Here you find melodic themes, popular humor, stylistic freedom: this is on the main character of the Harmonia concert.
This work expresses the rithmic energy of our century, and the melodic strengh of orio Odori’s music works, as well as the great ability of the musicians who are part of the group, in between there is the composer Orio Odori.